About Me


I was lucky in the fact that I was introduced to holistic/ herbal therapies as a child, my Mum always tried to look for a natural, alternative way of healing. She was a keen advocate for clean living, taking plenty of exercise and eating organic unprocessed foods. My teenage years were spent watching Mum striving to find new natural ways of looking after yourself. She even went off to study and become an NLP consultant (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) to help people with their mental health. This was sadly triggered after losing my Dad far too early to Cancer. 

The main part of my working life was spent within management teams. I was a busy bee travelling from one meeting to the next or managing people/ projects. All the time trying to balance a happy and healthy work life balance.

I have always gravitated to holistic therapies to help treat different things like my migraines and IBS. So when trying to conceive my children it seemed only natural, I had Reflexology for fertility as I have PCOS and Endometriosis. I have been blessed with two happy, healthy sons that are our world. When one of our sons was diagnosed with ASD I started to look at treatments that could help him with relaxation and his sensory needs. My lovely husband Tom and I decided we were going to change the way we lived. It was an epiphany if you like! My busy, stressful corporate job wasn’t working for the family and my gut instinct was that maybe it was time I learned how to practice all the therapies I loved! After a couple of years studying and countless case studies, I am so proud to say I am qualified to practice Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Massage therapies. It’s a passion and a dream come true. I don’t see this as a job but a calling, allowing me to share and help others along the way. I am always looking to grow as a person. I am always learning, reading, proactively seeking information from others to ensure I can heal and help looking at the mind, body and soul.

Sending you lots love, light and positivity xxx